Sunday, July 21, 2013

Linux Mint 1.14 Nadia Wireless Problem

I installed Linux Mint 1.14 Nadia a few months ago. Wireless  wasn't working because of the driver was not installed. In some linux mint distributions you can have this problem, nadia is one of them.
Also, in some ubuntu distributions you can have the wireless problem too.
To solve this problem you need to install wireless driver and reboot your computer or restart network services. To doing this there is several methods. Methods are given as follows:

Method 1:

1. Open a terminal by typing ctrl+F2
2. Type lspci and press enter, to specify your chipset, in my pc it is Broadcom
3. Open Software Manager, type 'your chipset' into search box
4. Install wireless driver
5. type sudo service network-manager restart into terminal to restart your network service Problem is solved have fun with your wireless..


Method 2:

1. Open Additional Drivers
2. Select your chipset driver
3. Click apply changes
4. open terminal
5. type 'sudo service network-manager restart' to restart your network service
Problem is solved have fun..

Note: Both of methods are tested, working correctly.

If you have any guestion, or need some help, leave a comment below. 

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