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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Firefox Babylon Add-on and More

Everyone knows Babylon dictionary, it is one of the most common dictionary that used in the world. A free babylon extension for firefox is available here. It works quite enough, the requirement is just clicking the word that you wanna search twice.

Babylon Dictionary

But missing part is that:

It doesn't save the word you search once. When you encounter a word that you have searched 10 days ago, you need to remember it or you need to search it again in a dictionary. 


I modified the babylon extension to resolve this deficiency. When you use the modified version, you will find the words you searched before in a file called mywords.html which is going to be found in your desktop. The mywords.html will looking as in the following picture. :)

Babylon - mywords.html


Watch the following video tutorial to setup the babylon to do the work we want :)
[By the way, the blog you see in the video is belongs to my bro.]

Download the modified version from here and mywords.html(right click and save it). Install the extension to the firefox and copy mywords.html into your desktop. Also you can use the following code to download mywords.html into your desktop:

Use it with fun :).

What I changed in Babylon to be able to do this? (saving every word we searched once)

The changes I have made are given in the following:

I add a new function called saveDataToFile into javascript file BabylonWordSearch.Results.js. The function is given below:

In if block that I given below, I send the answer that I get from babylon server by innerHTML  to the above function(saveDataToFile) .

To modify the extension yourself, you can find its source code from that post.

If you have any question or need some help, leave a comment below.

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