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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Format USB(flash drive) From Terminal

It's easy to format usb drives from terminal. But, you need to first find what's your usf file system. To find this we can use df command.

df: report file system disk space usage 

Also, to be able to format the usb, usb shouldn't be mount, if it is we are going to unmount it.
Now, just to be clear I am going to format my own usb step by step, at required steps I will give the terminal screenshots.

Steps I have down:

      1. type df command into terminal

terminal output:

     2. Plug in usb (flash drive)
     3. type df command into terminal

termainal output:

As you can see we have a new entry at the last row, which is should be my usb. It's file system is given as /dev/sdb at terminal output of df command.

    4.  to unmount the flash drive type: sudo umount /dev/sdb
    5.  to format the usb as fat type: sudo mkfs.vfat -I /dev/sdb

You can see the terminal executions of step 4 and 5 below:  

That's it we are done, I hope it helps..

If you have any question or need some help about format usb drives, leave a comment below.

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