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Saturday, August 10, 2013

How to add Categories to Blogger

Guys, today I will tell about categories in blogger. Unfortunately there is no any category widget in blogger. So we have to create it by ourselves. To do this We have two solutions.

First Solution: We can use labels with Links widget. Let me Explain with an example let’s say We want Matlab,Linux,Apple as our site’s categories. Then we need to add these names as labels to our posts. Then by clicking the labels in Labels widget we get their URLs. Copy these URLs one by one and add them to Links widget. In that way, we have categories in our blog. Have fun...

Second Solution: We can use laves with HTML/JAVASCRIPT widget. This time we will modify or create our Links widget by ourselves via writing html codes into HTML/JAVASCRIPT widget. The advantage of this solution is creating original categories with your requests. I hope it helps..
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