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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Shared Folder on Virtualbox on Linux Host

There are  a lot of people who use windows on virtualbox which is hosted by a linux distribution. For example, I installed virtualbox on Linux Mint 1.14 to setup Windows XP on it and use this for some software that I need for my education on Electrical & Electronics Engineering. Let's start with the most known problem.

Problem :

When we use virtualbox the most important problem is that how to share folders or directories with the host and any operating systems installed on virtualbox.


To solve this problem just follow the given instructions below:

1.  Open virtualbox and start any os that you installed on vb.
2.  Click 'Devices' tab which is seen in the menu bar of vb.
3.  Select ' Install Guest Additions'

If it asks to download click and proceed it.

4.  Totally close the operating system that you run on virtualbox.
5.  On Virtualbox software, click settings.
6.   You are going to see an option like 'Shared Folders' or 'Shared Directories'. Click on that.
7.   In that option click Add Shared Folder icon and enter its location and its name whatever you want. Make sure you checked read box before you click ok.

That's it, now you can share any folder between your host and operating system installed on virtualbox.(also called Guest Operating Systems)
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