Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ubuntu 11.10 waiting up to 60 more seconds for network configuration 'problem'

I upgaded my ubuntu 11.04 Natty to ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot a few weeks ago. To handle some issues I have needed to modify /etc/network/interfaces file. After some modifations I get the message:"waiting up to 60 more seconds for network configuration" when booting.
I have found the reason of this is to have any interfaces in /etc/network/interface file as auto. To correct the problem just remove all rows and leave it as default like:

Another solution can be modify the script /etc/init/failsafe.conf>>This script is the script that control configuration of network interfaces when booting and if they are not all configured send the message above to the screen.. So let's take a look at that script:

As we see and understood from the scripts commands: that script is controlling the waiting duration when booting.. The script keeps waiting us totally 111 seconds.. If your system doesn't need to wait  just insert a # character at the beginning of sleep calls or remove these rows. If your system needs to wait, but you don't wanna be wait this much, just change the values as you want.. Problem solved in either ways, but I recommend the first one..

Note: The values of sleep calls in your script may be different than my script, that is because of I have made a modification before in that script..
In my case, I solved my problem with two ways. In the second way the final look of my failsafe.conf script is given in the following:


If you have any question, or need some help leave a comment below..

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